Oakley The Banger Bag



Kinda surprised nobody has popped in with a silly remark about the name.


Weight is 4 lbs, which isn’t listed in the specs. Bag can be found for about $130 with free shipping and gets generally positive reviews, so this is a good choice.


Banger?..He hardly knew her! harharhar.


$139.00 on amazon so solid deal.


It doesn’t mention the color, should we assume its the one pictured.it’s sounds like a good deal.Does anyone know?


It’s winter…


Winter is the best time to play golf in Texas.


Does anyone know if the pockets divide all the way to the bottom of the bag?


Yes, what you see is what you’ll get.


I also would would like to know the answer to this question,it makes a big difference.


I bought one last year and had it for 1 month before the foot broke (the piece that connects the legs to bag.) and it wouldn’t stand up. I went out to the garage one morning to find it laying down with the legs sprawled out like a baby deer! It looks cool and had potential, but I had to put it down!


Unfortunately, they don’t.


I know nothing about this bag and thus have nothing relevant to add. That is all and happy shopping.


Does it have a cooler pouch ?


There’s still 4 hours left to buy, so here’s a review for anyone still on the fence.