Oakley The Banger Golf Bag

So the vibrams are gone now?

Check out these comments from fellow Wooters back when this was sold in January.

Solid bag. If I didn’t have one already, I’d be in. :slight_smile:

OK so I planned on buying some of those shoes but wanted to measure my feet first. Now they are gone with something else in it’s place. Makes me just a little sad, not a lot, just a little.

Is that it then? No more “sold out” on woot? If something sells out we get another offer now? Did I miss a memo?

I don’t think so. The woot FAQ still defines woot thusly:

That’s our featured deal for that day. It’s the best deal Woot has to offer, at the lowest price you’ll find anywhere on the Web. And as you may have guessed from its name, it’s only available today: until midnight Central time, that is, or until it sells out. At midnight, we’ll replace Today’s Woot with tomorrow’s Today’s Woot and today’s Today’s Woot will become yesterday’s Today’s Woot. Get it?

News to me as to why there’s a new woot before midnight.

In any event, if you were looking for the Vibrams, as I was (after getting physically fitted), check out 6pm.com (another Amazon-affiliated site). They were selling the same ones for $39.99, with free shipping, which is the same price as woot was selling, with shipping.

Love woot, but BOO on the (apparently) new “one day, many deals” rule (woot-offs, aside).

It kinda depends on when we sell out. If it’s early in the day, we’ll replace it with another deal. One reason is that we may have people clicking in late from the Woot Daily Digest or other email campaigns. Rather than presenting a SOLD OUT, we can present a different offer. And money, of course. We aren’t a non-profit, ya know.

You’re NOT a non-profit?!?!


I got this one in January. This is a very nice bag. Plenty of dividers, lightweight, modern styling, and very good build quality. This bag has enough storage compartments. The only negative I found is that the “shoe compartment” is too small for my golf shoes. No Big deal though. There is still snow on the ground here, so I am anxious to get out and give this bag a workout.