Oakley Wind Jacket 2.0

Oakley Wind Jacket 2.0

Anyone know if these deal against your face well enough to be used as motorcycle glasses?

I have a pair that I got on sale about 6 months, this price is even better!

These glasses are great for skiing or snowboarding in weather anywhere about 35-40 degrees and warmer. They fit well underneath a helmet with the soft ear flaps, they fit so-so under, or over, any kind of hat or other ear covering layer.

Lense quality seems to be pretty good and because they’re basically a cross between goggles and sunglasses they are very well ventilated and don’t fog.

This was my second season skiing in California after coming out from the East Coast, I was not accustomed to warm weather! I’ve slowly adapted to it and these are great for those warmer temps. I wasn’t really out to get “looks” but several people commented they liked my “sunnies”.

I don’t think they’d be a good replacement for motorcycle glasses. I doubt they fit under a helmets visor and I don’t think they’re safety rated if you’re not using a visor. I haven’t tried but I suspect they’d also let too much wind in. They definitely let wind in on the mountain when I picked up some speed, but it wasn’t too much. Highway speeds would probably be too windy.

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Thank you!