OakleyRadar EV Prizm Path Sunglasses

Asian fit- May not fit well unless your nose is well, Asian!

from google:Asian-fit style is built up slightly so the frame sits higher on the bridge of the nose, which is typically more shallow than on a Caucasian face.” … “This helps to lift the sunglasses off the face of a person with a shallower nose bridge and higher cheekbones

Prizm road lens is for road biking- a great road lens- even good for driving- but don’t be fooled- it is not an every day lens. In my opinion- the Prizm road lens is MUCH more Red than this picture shows.

This is an insane deal for an asian road bike rider.

Should totally FLAG the description for burying Asia fit in the specs section. It needs to be clear in the title that this is Asia fit. Shame on Woot; this is a low ball ebayer tactic–or honest mistake that needs correction.

After some googling, it seems that most of the difference between Asia Fit and Regular, lies in the nose piece or “bombs”. Fortunately the glasses come with both regular and Asia fit, however, it looks like the Asia fit ones will come preinstalled. There also might be some slight differences in the lens shape, and the Asia lens won’t fit in the regular, but the regular will fit in the Asia. Overall, I believe I will be happy with the Asia fit.