Obama wins: your thoughts?

It goes without saying that this is just a friendly discussion, and that no rudeness is allowed.

this is only my third presidential election…

the man is charismatic and inspiring. I have a really good feeling about this.

I could not be any happier about this election.

I have faith change is upon us.

Ditto to all of the above.

I will add that I’m excited to see history in the making…our first African American President! :smiley:

being that i’m 26… i have to say that the historical part of it is really AMAZING… now i can tell my children about real history as opposed to OJ Simpson and Rodney King…

i can tell my babies about the first black president and how exhilarating it was to see him elected. (I told my boyfriend I would have been just as excited about the history aspect had mccain/palin been elected, but I am happy with the obama/biden ticket).

I am disappointed. Although it is great being a part of this historical event, I just don’t think Obama is the right choice. Quite frankly I am frightened at what our country will become under a leader with such Socialistic plans.

Just remember, If you voted for change, Don’t come crying when all that is left in your pockets is change.

ditto and he is my senator! i’m also amazed that a pro choice candidate chose a staunch catholic who is anti abortion and no one made a stink of that. mccain screwed up when he picked ms palin. both she and obama are not ready for the big time.

in my personal opinion (hehehe) i think that the winner should have to take the runner up from the opposing party as his/her VP. i also think the electoral college is a joke and we need to just use the popular vote! that or cut cali into 3 states…55 votes to a state that is known for…i’m trying to be polite but people from cali are a bit…well they are like alien! i mean from another planet alien not illegals!

Sister, I would never have thought you would feel that way. not that we have ever talked politics. guess I didn’t read you right. :slight_smile:

I’ve been pretty much indifferent since the Dems and Reps chose their respective candidates. I really didn’t care for either one. Don’t get me wrong - it didn’t keep me from voting. It just kept me from staying up all night to see who would win.

Now . . . I just hope Obama hasn’t bitten off more than he can chew.

I was not thrilled with either candidate, but I’m glad to be a part of history. I’m most concerned about who the ‘real’ Obama is. We’ll just have to wait and see who shows up. And socialized medicine just does not work. Just ask a Canadian. Many would rather come here than deal with their health system. The average wait for a Canadian government funded hip replacement is 5-7 years. Why – so people can pass away in the waiting period.

And I really hope Obama does not go through with pulling a large part of NASA’s budget for his projects. So many people don’t realize the scientific value of the space program and the retail products that come from it.

I’ll probably be looking for a job in about a year and a half; he’s already promised to slash our budget.

just don’t get a job. then the rest of us taxpayers can support you.

Gosh! I feel better off already!! :tongue:

\starts singin’ The Redistribution Rag . . .

oooh fun! wanna do a duet?

I am absolutely elated!

tell me that again in a year.

Ditto on the insults.

Let’s ALL give the guy a little bit of a chance.

Sorry, I thought this was a thread for posting my thoughts without worrying about backlash!

I’ve found that such a place doesn’t exist. :frowning: We’re not allowed to be happy.

You are entitled to your thoughts(for now, while we still have free speech). No backlash here. Just posting my thoughts too. If in a year you are still elated, I will be happy for you.

I’m happy about the election. People got out, voted their conscious, and the country chose their leader. Not everyone got their choice, but more people than ever voted. That’s an extremely happy thing. How many times have you seen election nights where the PEOPLE were gathering to see the results? Times Square wasn’t filled four years ago, I’ll tell you. We gathered as a nation, together, to have our say. That was a beautiful thing that cannot be taken away.