Oberon 2009 Sauvignon Blanc - 6 Pack

Oberon 2009 Sauvignon Blanc - 6 Pack
$63.99 + $7.00 shipping
PRODUCT: 6 Oberon 2009 Sauvignon Blanc
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For a split second I thought this was beer.woot…

Curious what the relationship between Oberon and Michael Mondavi may be (if any). CT link indicates several bottles purchased previously from Michael Mondavi winery.

I would like to get more info on this wine, but I’m definitely diggin the bottles.

Oberon is owned by Michael Mondavi which is all owned by Folio Wine

Previous offers from M Mondavi/Folio:
4/13/11 Emblem Cab
4/8/11 Kaliedoscope white
3/25/11 Hangtime Chard
3/23/11 Isabel Mondavi Pinot

Happy to be first sucker, first time…

We had an Oberon Cabernet Sauvignon at the Boulder Chop House 2-3 years ago… it was good. I think it was a 2003… don’t remember much else.

Someday… hopefully they will offer more than a beer glass with Heineken as a model.

Thanks for providing the link which contains the following quote:

“Our carefully selected domestic portfolio includes quality wines from Napa Valley and Sonoma County produced by the Michael Mondavi family, including M by Michael Mondavi, Emblem and Isabel Mondavi wines. Folio also represents the Spellbound and Medusa wines that are produced by Rob Mondavi, his wife Lydia, and partners. Our portfolio also includes the Folio-owned Oberon and Hangtime brands which are made by Tony Coltrin, winemaker and long-time Mondavi friend.”

Michael Mondavi sure seems to have his hands in a lot of wine labels these days.

I’m considering buying these for my wife since she mostly drinks SB. Let’s get some rat feedback.

Or those that own Michael Mondavi…

Sounds pretty good from this (Ken’s Wine Guide Review)

Price: $14

Cases produced: 5,500

KWG Score: 87.6 (based on 3 reviews)

Ken’s Wine Rating: Very Good (88)

Review date: May 29, 2011

Wine Review: This pale yellow colored Sauvignon Blanc opens with a mild green and pear bouquet with a hint of ripe pineapple. On the palate, this wine is medium bodied and balanced. The flavor profile is a mild pear and gentle green apple blend with a hint of minerality and dried apricot. The finish is dry and pleasant. I found this wine to be quite versatile and food friendly. It would pair well with chicken picatta. Enjoy -Ken

Winemaker Notes: Sourcing half of the grapes from our warmer Oso Vineyard, and the balance from cooler vineyards in the southern part of Napa Valley, combines bright natural acidity with fresh flavors of green apple, tart kiwi, pear and melon.

What’s the drinking window on these?

you know…I actually went to check beer.woot to make sure there wasn’t something I had been missing out on.

I know there would have been some Bell’s, Omegang, and Yuengling on there.

Open, as in drink this year, IMHO.

I for one am very glad to see Michael Mondavi wines offered for a song and a dance on wine woot, I’d love to see something in the league of their Emblem wines offered here again.

Kaleidoscope was a Michael Mondovi white wine that was enjoyed by many here. After trying it on the first round, I had to snap it up again when it appeared during a woot-off. Granted the Sauvignon Blanc is a bit higher in price than the Kaleidoscope, but still for under $12/bottle, still seems like a great buy…unless you’re really after that cheap south american stuff.

beer.woot could be awesome, throw some Fat Tire up and Florida would light up like a Christmas Tree.

Lab rat here: drank 2 glasses last night and it was okay but I am not getting all the made up fruit stuff listed on the bottle or in the opening monologue. I wanted it to be great, after all how often do you get a free bottle wine showing up on the doorstep? Damn that’s a good thing. My take: more to the heavy side of Sauvigon Blancs with a tart edge and slightly heavy after taste and tingle due to the ethanol content. Not really that fruity. BUT, After 30 years of drinking wine, I still can’t make up all the descriptive things attributed to wine, so, analytically, if you like a tart wine with a kick buy it. I’ll drink the rest tonight and if my opinion changes I come back and say so.

Thanks for the wine wine.woot.