Oberon Wines Cabernet & Merlot (4)



Oberon Wines 2008 Napa Valley Cabernet and Merlot 4-Pack
$62.99 (Normally $88.00) 28% off List Price
2008 Napa Valley Merlot
2008 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
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Got their 2009 Sauv Blanc a year ago and was quite pleased. Like the blends and lower ABV here; very tempted…


Looks like we had some rats on a previous offer for the merlot.


Not to be confused with that old Kenobi dude from Star Wars…


The merlot bottles have capsules but the cabernet sauvignon bottles do not. Is there a reason for this?


I would be so onto this if the weather wasn’t 105 degrees and my last two wine shipments (not from WOOT!) were ruined by rattling around in a UPS truck at 130 degrees. Not even fit for the vinegar crock! Offer this again in fall or winter and I will buy three because I love Rob Mondavi’s take on how to produce these wines.


The 10’ cab is at bevmo right for $19. I unfortunately have not gotten to try it. Anyone who has had the Oberon wines speak to the house style?


I believe these are part of the Michael Mondavi Folio wines.

Remember the Folio Emblem cabs we got here several years ago?


If you are talking about the Wellington wines, there was a booboo with that shipment that was realized too late. Make sure you contact service@woot.com so they can make it right.

Except for the rare mishap mentioned above, WD and WCC are very well versed at summer shipping. Please don’t let one mishap scare you away.


Was this the Wellington assorted Cab. from April?


I have no idea what you’re asking.


No. I think it was the Wellington library syrah from the woot-off


if it was all Cab it would be a no brainer, but Merlot at 78 points seems weak to me, the Cab rated in the mid to high 80"s is excellent,


You have to take the CT scores in context, though. For this vintage there were only 4 “notes”, one of which made positive comments but did not score the wine. Of the three scores, two were from the same person who rated it a 75 both times without explanation, the other reviewer gave it a 86.

If you look at the most recent vintages before that, there was greater participation (20 notes) for the '06 which scored 84.4 and the '05 scored 88.3.