Oblivion Zinfandel (6)

Oblivion Zinfandel 6-Pack
Sold by: Sextant Wines (RBZ Vineyards)
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2014 Oblivion Zinfandel, Central Coast


I received a bottle as a Grape Debater. I love Zins so was very excited when I opened this up. This is a much smoother Zin than I am used to. This would be great for anyone wanting to try a Zin for the first time or looking for a lighter Zin. It is very smooth on the palate at first; you get a taste of the Zin spiciness (or what I like about a Zin) at the end. So for me, it was the finish that I liked the most!

Thanks for the notes!


Ok, the other day we had a musically themed Debater. Ready for another? No? Don’t blame you. No worries. I don’t have “Two Tickets To Paradise”. I did however receive one “golden ticket to wine.woot”.

2014 Oblivion arrived yesterday afternoon about 2:30, cork out around 6:00, first glass 6:15. No sediment, no decant, no aerate, no Mollydooker Shake. Composite cork of some type. Initial whiff out of the bottle says zinfandel. Color is light, clear ruby. I can read through this in the glass easily at 6" or so away from a piece of paper.

Fruity not jammy. Easy drinking. Tad of residual sugar. Gulpable, as in no real front/middle/back. No tannins to speak of. Could put a slight chill on this. My lovely bride thought a bit of heat but I didn’t really detect it and was surprised to look after the fact and see this was 14.8 abv. She also thought blackberry predominant. Touch of raisin? nah.

Paired with some awesome pepper steak tacos (it was Taco Tuesday after all) and was just fine.

All in all, an easy going, uncomplicated nothing you have to think about summer zin that is made in a definite “drink now” style.


Still don’t get why Vermont isn’t on the list, since it indeed does permit wine shipments. I’ve ordered wine from many other places.

It’s not just a matter of the state law. Each winery must obtain a license for each state.

Saved a glass for tonight. From the fridge and then a slight warm-up. Not much change, maybe picked up a bit of complexity.

First a comment, then a confession/issue, then another comment…

  1. based only on this review, i pulled the trigger for one. so… “thanks” (quotes will be removed after I taste some… I assume it will be great but…). :slight_smile:

  2. It was entirely too easy to order this wine. I mean, just push i want one, login to amazon, click order. That’s dangerous! I mean, I’m sitting here, on my second glass of Wellington 2012 Zin from an anti-mystery case (coincidentally also too easy to order)… and bam… this one slips into my cart.

From the sounds of it, this won’t match up with any of the Wellington Zins I have… but doesn’t sound like it’s supposed to. I’m looking forward to my first sip. :wink:

  1. I had to google mollydooker shake… thank you for that (seriously, that was awesome). I’d provide a link here, but I don’t want to take the fun out of the hunt. Also, reading is hard… could we get “best served with mollydooker shake” on the side of every box of wine that’s got N2 inside? Can I patent that idea?

Thank you! I already have a lot of Zin in the house and was debating whether to get this; it sounds different enough for me to make room in Ye Olde Under the Counter Wine Cooler.

Great notes, thank you!