Oblivious Ninja: Trick or Treat

He’s more hidden than the rest, in that costume.

I bet that’s a great costume for getting lots of treats.

Trick x 5 – or are there more hidden ninjas (or turtles) in the pumpkins?

I love that he’s in a TMNT costume. XD

Oblivious Ninja is my new favorite.

The competent ninjas got a costume upgrade. Nice red hems and shoulder blades.

More stealth more tricks, less stealth more treats… It’s a conundrum of Halloween proportion.

Raph is the best turtle! I am totally biased! And Happy early Halloween everyone :slight_smile:

I love this series in ways that are not decent. Poor Oblivious Ninja can’t even spot the ninja panel!

After some side sales and half days, ninja is back on the front page where he belongs. Great Halloween shirt, dooomcat.

(Maybe next year you could bust out some Japanese folklore monsters - I would buy a dozen)

While I love the deep expression on his face and the fact that jack-o-lanterns seem to be staring at him. I wish there could have once again been some peril that he was oblivious to. Maybe zombies closing in on him and his friends trying to fight them off or the real Shredder standing behind him. At any rate it’s really well done, and I’ll have to add it to my collection.

While my 6-8-year-old self completely disagrees, I have grown to realize this is the correct opinion.

Wonderful design!

Ah, Dooomcat, love your ninjas- oblivious and unsteathy. An instant buy!

Is this a type of made-to-order type of sale ?
If so , how does certain size not available ?
Thanks .

Aren’t these red sash guys a rival clan?

::googles Oblivious Ninja wiki::

Sometimes we just don’t have the stock of blank tees. Unfortunately we are not also able to make the actual t-shirt to order.

Why no “fast ship”?

So, is Oblivious related to Unstealthiest? Second cousins, maybe?

Yay, DoOomcat ninjas! How many copies of these series am I up to now?

All orders include expedited shipping already.