Ocarina Time!

For those (shameful shameful) people who don’t understand the reference, it is from “Zelda” (video game) and “Adventure Time” (amazing TV show).

Looks awesome, but I’m kind of surprised that Jake is only on the shield.

terrible cartoon and shouldn’t be on prior to adult swim

haha, pretty cool. already got an adventure time/zelda mash up shirt a few months ago from teefury. it was BMO. this one is pretty rad, but not diggin the color so much.


Was told earlier this evening to give Ocarina of Time a try; is the horse creeping anyone else out?

“terrible cartoon and shouldn’t be on prior to adult swim” - Lumpy Space Princess

Tempted to get this to impress one of my students- I was teaching him to play guitar after school and he asked if I could teach him to play the Zelda song. I informed him he was NOT READY for that one, so he then asked if he could manage the ADVENTURE TIME theme song-

We learned that one over the next few weeks and then he quit coming to lessons. I still see him in art class though.

Cool shirt Rads. Grats

Hyrule after the Mushroom War!

Love Zelda, recognize but haven’t seen AT. I know I know, gasp!. I stuck it on my Netflix queue but it just hasn’t been high on my priority list.

Somehow I don’t think Navi works as a cloud, that just doesn’t cut the pushy “Listen” vibe to me. Looks more like the Mario boo ghost to me. Not knocking the artist, this has been translated to the AT style well, it’s just the AT style is a little creepy to me actually. shudder poor Epona.

I don’t get the reference. I’m well-versed in Zelda, but have never heard of Adventure Time. Do they mention Zelda in the Adventure Time show?

Why does it make sense to do a mashup of the two?

Didn’t even need 10 seconds to decide.

Link the Hylian, Navi Space Princess, Lady Eponicorn. Instant click on the stupidly big button.

Bought the Mario kart shirt yesterday and had to buy this one tonight. This one is superior dammit.

If I was enough of a fan of Adventure Time this would be an insta-buy. It still almost was, despite me having only seen the show a few times and…meh, it’s not bad.

Insta-buy for me! Also, Lumpy Space Princess is a perfect fit for Navi.

The more pressing question is … why does it make sense not to?

Well, Link is the Hero of Time? Adventure Time? I don’t know, man.

I think it’s more like

Step 1. Mash up any 2 popular things.

Step 2. ???

Step 3. Profit!

Anybody else see this and instantly think “TROGDOR the Burninator”?

Wow @ printing four weeks in a row. Hats off!

As I said in the derby, I love the nuttiness of this design. Very fun shirt. :^)

Darn, I hope they print the Tapper design during the week. 3 pop-culture shirts topped out this derby.