I don’t think you have to worry about the dog peeing on that, cause it probably already crapped itself once that head popped out.

If I were the one naming the shirt, it’d have to be “Occupugged”

I like the shirt, honestly I do!

However, is there a pop culture, a video game, or an meme that goes with this?

Super Mario Bros. meets Little Shop of Horrors?

The wonders of evolution! Clever shirt, except fire hydrants are red… although dogs are color blind, so who cares?

I didn’t even realize it was a (hybrid) fire hydrant! Had to take a second look. My brain just assumed it was the standard ol’ Mario pipe. The shirt makes a lot more sense now.

generally true, but around my home there are green ones too.

also, amazing shirt! in for 1.

Ummm, well that’s offensive. Pugs are awesome. I have one. Just one. But how is stating my dog would be better off dead helping me buy this shirt?

So, if I read the shirt correctly, both the dog and the plant went there to pee?

I think woot just made me look at plants in a whole new way.

That pug reminds me of spelunky.

Fire hydrants are actually lots of colors depending on where you live and what they’re for.

I thought this design was obvious:

The plant is from Super Mario, the one that pops out of the pipes and shoots fireballs, however it is a hybrid fire hydrant.

I think we’re legally required to shoehorn at least three onto every shirt or we won’t sell it. For some reason.

Awwww man! Why’d you have to do this to me? Just bought a shirt from woot and then this one pops up!

Saw it on another site and was asking for it like crazy. Guess I’ll have to buy it here. Not a huge loss, but still hurting my wallet…

So in the sequel he eats a magic mushroom and becomes an English Bulldog?

I guess I’m glad we don’t have fire hydrants like that.

But Chain Chomps bark… Dogs in Mushroom Kingdom, confirmed!

^ This.

To be fair, being funny is hard. Some folks have to take the let me pimp a talented artist out of shirt sales by pissing off a known group of uber fans direction.

I had actually planned to buy the shirt 'till I read that. Now dead pugs and the shirt are sort of paired up and…yeah pass.

I will take the furry snoring fart machine out for some doggie ice cream with the $12 woot writers just saved me :slight_smile:

Used to be red…now that funny yellow color