Ocean Halo PHO Noodle Bowls, 6 Pack

Ocean Halo PHO Noodle Bowls, 6 Pack

Not much savings over single package price at Walmart. ($3.98 ea x 6 = $23.88)
Of course you need a Walmart nearby or you just miss out…

Be aware that these things have a REALLY strong anise flavor. Like, bordering on overpowering - beyond it for some.

Nobody in our house found it pleasant


Not much savings vs walmart? Not much savings versus getting two large bowls of pho delivered! Would be almost the same amount of broth.

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Except Walmart doesn’t have any at all.


I’m guessing that some know, Pho is made from bone broth simmered a long time, to extract the flavor. I use the bowls of noodles/flavoring from Costco, and add my own organic bone broth (also Costco) Not to dis WOOT, but making it your self is very satisfying. Saute some onion and carrot, put a bit of Thai basil on top. Enjoy. Even if you buy these on offer, consider getting some bone broth to add.

No pho noodles for my family, we only eat real noodles.

Pho broth is not kelp-based, sorry. You vegans need to leave this wonderful dish alone. It’s perfect as it is and I can get a huge bowl with beef in it for under $10.

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My local discount food store has these for $0.79 each. They are great for a quick meal, but a little too much sodium and anise is strong like others say. If I have time making my own seasoned bone broth is way better.

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Pho broth without beef bones simmering for hours is just phake.

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I get free delivery on my Walmart orders too, so for me at least it is pretty much a wash. I keep forgetting not everyone gets their shipping free.

I guess it may depend on your local Walmart, but I find this everytime I look…