Ocean R.E.M.



*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

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conrats tgentry…sadly, this will break my string of buying your shirts. have two navy t’s already, and this isn’t my style. how could you design something without consulting me??? :frowning:


Congrats! Sorry they didn’t change the legs =( Kinda hoping they would.



I love this design… In for one!


Congrats Tgentry, another great win. :slight_smile:


Yay, a tgentry octopus for my closet of terror!


my derby favorite, been looking forward to this shirt, very nice design


I’m in – guess I have a thing for the sea-life shirts…


i love it, tgentry. i’ve bought a couple of your shirts now, and they never cease to make me fall in love. keep up the good work.


Might be cute if it came in kids sizes


very nice design!


Me, too. At least creatures like sea serpents, cephalopods, etc. I couldn’t get excited about the shrimp shirt.


great shirt, bought


Great shirt, the octopus (that got one tentacle chopped off, of course) sold me. In for one

Grats Tgentry


I really love this one. But Alas, I’m still paying out the bones for the random shirts. >.>


TGentry’s on a role!!! Grats!!! I must be a … watch for it… sucker :wink: for octopus shirts!!! Lovin’ it!


Bought it right away! i looked at it for about 5 seconds and then clicked. Since I was a kid I have often thought about being on the open sea, or in a submarine, really deep in the ocean, while i try to fall asleep. This T-shirt embodies my dreams!


Good work, gentry- I enjoy the fish/cloud morph greatly :slight_smile: