Oceana Coffee Whole Bean, Your Choice

Oceana Coffee Whole Bean, Your Choice

$15.33/lb. seems a lot for coffee of unstated origin and shelf life.


Agreed. I wouldn’t take the chance, but on the “Specs” tab it says: 01/2022!

This deal is actually pretty good, 2*12oz bags of whole bean coffee roasted to order for $22.99. By checking their website I can see that they are selling these bags for $15 & $16

Yeah they are blends instead of single origin, but that doesn’t make them lower quality. Seems like a buy to me

“Roasted to order”

Just my two cents. If these are good beans (I’ve never had them) and if indeed roasted freshly upon ordering and shipped quickly, $22.99 is actually a very good price for two 12 oz. bags shipped. I regularly order from different roasters around the country and can only rarely hit this pricing unless a free s&h deal is offered. I prefer single origin and wish they had better tasting notes listed here, but from what I can tell, I suspect these may be South American beans with a nuttier profile and, even though the Downunder is described as a light-medium roast, I suspect their light-medium just might be darker than others – unfortunately, the term “medium” can vary widely from roaster to roaster, with some “medium” beans approaching the over roasting style of Starbucks. (I prefer brighter, light roasted beans, both of a nuttier note often found in So American beans and also the berry notes found in many beans from Africa.) All said, I may give these a try – hmmm…

my concern is that several times I have ordered “deals” from the “A” parent company and there were just basically bad beans, not dated, possibly sat for years in a hot truck in a parking lot. The “roaster” in one case mapped to a rent-an-office suite in a bad part of L.A. So if it’s not a brand I’m familiar with, I’m going to skip it.

But I do agree with @rganier that IF the two “ifs” are true, then it’s not a bad price and might be worth it for someone wanting to take a bit of a risk to try something new.

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I’ve ordered these before, and they weren’t bad by any means.

That being said, they weren’t anything special either. I can get 32 Oz of beans from Meijer for $16 and Oceana wasn’t worth the extra cost after trying them. YMMV, as with all things coffee and taste related.


“Meijer” being a regional supermarket in MI.

Sorry, Y’all. Forgot for a second that the world doesn’t revolve me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If they were actually “roasted to order”, you would be able to specify the roast.

Then why do they already have a sell-by date on the bags?

Wow! I came here because I was wondering who would pay this much for unknown coffee beans.

I still don’t think I would buy them, but the discussion and exchange of opinions was very educational.

Too bad the whole interwebs can’t be more like this. :upside_down_face:

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I know this doesn’t matter now, but notice they gave a best-by month and not a specific date. The seller most likely plans to roast within a few days after ordering completes. Whole bean coffee in general lasts 12 months after roasting. So long as they roast in the month of January 2021, they can safely print a best-by date of 1/2022.


Stock photo. Look it up. It’s a thing for websites.

“Whole bean coffee in general lasts 12 months after roasting.”

You’d get very perplexed looks if you said that before an actual coffee expert. Even if stored airtight and nitrogen-flushed (theirs aren’t), deterioration at room temperature begins in month 1.

You’ve replied to the wrong person. But I agree with you about freshness.