Octo-Tree Zip Hoodie

Thanks for the Bag Woot. These shirt wootoff sales get me more than the regular woot offs.

Yes! Shirt off!

How was it sold out so soon? No way people knew about the link! FUCK YOU ALL!

Intricate. Here’s to more zip up hoodies

i was able to snag one after dinking around on a couple of other pages, answering the poll and reading the blog info…take you’re whiny baby attitude back to your sandbox.

screw you, I saw it at 2 minutes past the hour and it was gone. Go fuck yourself.

I actually read that this event was happening today in an email I got that mentioned there would be prizes so I was quick to check today and fully read the explanation of where to boc would be on sale.

Yet again, no love for mobile users with the bit.ly links. Can only be seen when “desktop version” is enabled.

Such is life, I guess.

ARGH, missed this, please offer it again?