October 2019 Prime Exclusive Deals

It says:

All month long, we’re offering up exclusive deals just for Amazon Prime members. And if you add $10 or more to your cart, we’ll take an extra $2 off your order! Just use the code PRIMETIME at checkout. One coupon per customer.

So is it just one coupon ALL MONTH?

I don’t want to waste my coupon on say, pillowcases, when SOMETHING MORE AWESOME comes later. What to do Woot?

Yep, sorry. One per customer per month. We need to make a buck now and then.

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Follow-up question?

I found the toothbrushes in the PRIME EXCLUSIVE bin, but I also found them listed over at clearance and they link to the SAME TOOTHBRUSHES.


So does that mean the commoners can shop the PRIME EXCLUSIVES as well?

Does that mean the whole promotion is just for the $2 coupon?

All deals on Clearance show up in the list at the bottom of the page. That’s just how we’re set up. It still requires a Prime login to purchase the deal.

So the commoners get no toothbrushes? That must be disappointing.

:sips his single-source spring water collected by virgins in the light of the blood moon:


These commoners better not be able to purchase any of our super exclusive very discounted sales

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Buy all the Cozmos then.

That’s your job

Yeah. I’m having trouble keeping the neighbor kids out of my fish pond at night too.

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My app says that there are 48 deals but there are maybe 13 0n the page???

Oh, the app is spilling our secrets. We’re adding new deals as other ones sell out. So we’ve got some hidden at the moment. It shouldn’t say 48. Bad app! BAD APP!

My Android app says 51 deals. But no worries. I just bought the Navage nose washer. Everybody is always telling me to keep my nose clean so I figure this will help. I used my $2 off the already pretty good price (if this thing works)

What are the other 50 deals?

I’m actually more disappointed with finding deals on Woot now, they used to show all the new ones on the all deals page and you can search by newest listed.

Now those deals may not appear. Like the gaming section had new additions to the sale event and those products didn’t appear on the all deals page from what I can tell. It seems like deals are not popping up there.

I wonder if it’s because of these prime deals that something broke how products get listed.

I’m usually at a computer but I can’t find ANY mention of the prime deals any more unless I’m on the app. I have the URL for the prime deals so I can get to them on a computer.

I thought I had cracked the code for new deals too with sorting the forum topics to show new at the top…hm.

I don’t think my Navage, for example is listed anywhere as a discussion topic, just as a sale under the general event (which also doesn’t have a topic)

That should still mostly work, except when the biz teams do stuff we were never expecting that still works… then it makes stuff work weird and we get yelled at, run around, say “we never expected anyone to do that!” to which they say “well you’re silly aren’t you” and we say “yeah” then we all have a beer or diet coke and get back to laughing about the Colonel Sanders Dating Game.

It’s possible that there’s some caching since we probably don’t reload from new each time.

Can you give me some examples? I see a bunch of Breville stuff launched a bit ago and I see those in All Deals.

Yeah, looks like some aren’t getting created. They made a change to get rid of the duplicate threads. Something went wrong there, I guess.

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As long as they show up on the app I guess. I know things are changing, maybe us desk-toppers are becoming a minority?

There’s over a 1000 items for sale on Woot right now. We probably don’t need a topic for each one. : )




I never saw these in All Deals.

I see them in All Deals on my laptop.