OCTOBER CRAPS! Post them here! :w_boc:

We did REALLY good that time!


my dog was unimpressed with the BOC

ā€¦but I thank you, woot, for disappointment that made me laugh.

woot bag
monkey sticker
galaxy by harvic polo shirt, size XL
Thomas the tank engine party hats (8)
three packs of ā€˜congratulations graduateā€™ paper platesā€“which match the ā€˜congratulations graduateā€™ napkins I got in a previous BOC.
seven Starbucks mini frappucino cups (???)
amazon basics display port to display port cable, 3 feet
glow in the dark pumpkin necklaceā€“whiCh Iā€™m THRILLED about, as I wanted one
Star Wars die cast X-wing fighter
mini desktop radio
drawer pull

thank you, woot. this is the best kind of disappointment!


Iā€™m late to answer, butā€“it works really well as brow gel, to keep those eyebrow hairs (literally) in line.

donā€™t you want some now?

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Nah, I live to let my eyebrows live free. LOL

I caught my older brother using my mascara on his moustache. Cracked me up to imagine what his girlfriend would look like after a make-out session.

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