OCTOBER CRAPS! Post them here! :w_boc:

We did REALLY good that time!


my dog was unimpressed with the BOC

…but I thank you, woot, for disappointment that made me laugh.

woot bag
monkey sticker
galaxy by harvic polo shirt, size XL
Thomas the tank engine party hats (8)
three packs of ‘congratulations graduate’ paper plates–which match the ‘congratulations graduate’ napkins I got in a previous BOC.
seven Starbucks mini frappucino cups (???)
amazon basics display port to display port cable, 3 feet
glow in the dark pumpkin necklace–whiCh I’m THRILLED about, as I wanted one
Star Wars die cast X-wing fighter
mini desktop radio
drawer pull

thank you, woot. this is the best kind of disappointment!


I’m late to answer, but–it works really well as brow gel, to keep those eyebrow hairs (literally) in line.

don’t you want some now?

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Nah, I live to let my eyebrows live free. LOL

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I caught my older brother using my mascara on his moustache. Cracked me up to imagine what his girlfriend would look like after a make-out session.


Super late:

Woot bag
cake splat
12 bic pens
amazon basics usb extension cable
sticky pads
littlest pet shop thing
dory lunch bag
plastic bag/bottles
woot monkey

disappointment galore!


That Dragon thing is about 5" tall. Big enough for one piece of charcoal :slight_smile:

Extra late but here goes the summary:

Hank from Finding Dory - Best quote: No memories, no problems.
Woot! bag
Monkey with red ! cape
USB lamp
Gear tie
Reebok fitted high rise shorts
Light switch cover
Sticky page markers and note pads
Command hook
Spark plug
Drawer knob
Display port to display port cable 3 ft
A male to A male cable 6.5 ft
50 badge holders
1 lone flathead screw


Doesn’t that go to the outlet cover?

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Your crap has a screw loose. How appropriate.


That would make sense. There were 0 screws in the outlet cover. I guess I have 1 of the 4.

It definitely did. Very appropriate for the crap.