October Tales


Love the colors and how the design breaks the plane. Sits really well on the shirt. Great EC!

the lights from the moon and the jack-o-lantern reflected on the scarecrow’s edge make a wonderful bridge between the scary scene and the happy children in front of it

Wow. Great cartooning. Well done team :slight_smile:

beautiful composition and the frankenstein kid is sooo cute, congrats on the EC :slight_smile:


So this links to “Drakxxx & CrescentDebris” shirts.

BUT there are also “Drakxxx” shirts, “CrescentDebris” shirts, and there are “CrescentDebris and Drakxx” shirts.

See them -all- here!: https://shirt.woot.com/catalog?q=drakxxx+or+crescentdebris

All the horror and artistic goodness in one handy link. >:-)

Awesome! Great to see you guys collabing.

^ Quality post! :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks everyone. Been gone a long time. Drakxxx hit me up a little while ago about subbing again and I suggested we try a Halloween piece. This one was all his idea, I just did the colors. Was surprised by the EC! Really stoked about it. We’re probably breaking some new sales records, just in the wrong direction… but I hope that those of you who buy one really enjoy it and that Woot doesn’t get burned too bad for giving us a shot. Thanks everyone!