Octopus with Bubble Gun Goes PEWPEW


This is the best coincidence ever.


I’ll bet this will be popular with the kids.

I chuckled when I saw this, but I can’t bring myself to buy it; not my style.

Good shirt either way. The pews complete it

This would be popular with Aquaman.

Blasto, the Hanar Specter!

Just call him the eight arm bandit.

Now I see why the octopus is known as “the terror of the deep”.

Awesome! My 4 year old nephew loves to say “pew pew” and make a gun with his hand while he pretends to shoot me.

So what kind of gas is in the bubbles? Wouldn’t the bubbles float to the surface?

I love this shirt. And I know a thing or two about shirts.

now I know who stole my ray bans

No offense, but really? This was the top vote-getter from that derby full of creative and well-executed shirt designs? Next thing you know, you’ll be showing me second-place was won by the flash-drive, and third place by the (already done) Llama.


About time we got more pew pew and less QQ

this shirt sucks…its a joke that the vacum shirt didnt even make the fog

I normally buy all octopus related shirts as Im known as djoctopus70, and Im from the Azores and love to eat octopus stew, but I hate the pew pew pew on this shirt and will have to think about it.

I love you forever.

I would buy this if it wasn’t for the pew pew. The octopus looks badass.

I’m glad I set some alarms to see today’s shirt, cause I love that it is all-arms.