OCZ 3GB 1600Mhz DDR3 Memory Kit

Thats what I’m talking about

I wish I had a computer that could use this.

nailed it

Dang, 1gb short and 1 too many pieces otherwise it woulda been greater than awesome!!!

Dang missed it!

Doesn’t ram work best in matched PAIRS? Too Bad this doesn’t match my unmatched DDR stick, else I could upgrade my server past 522mb. :slight_smile:

LoL tech noobs, its a Triple Channel kit of DDR3, its supposed to be in 3s

perfect for an i7 rig

Not on a triple channel motherboard. This is for newer systems like the i7 motherboards.

Wow, looks like Woot sold the high end, low voltage 7-7-7-24@1.65V DDR3-1600 kit, that is actually hard to find these days (especially in the 3x2GB version)

did anyone receive there’s yet? My package came in today but they had sent me the wrong item, which was a Kingston 16Gb DataTraveler Mini Slim… I have already emailed them about the problem and I am just wondering if anyone else received the same error.

Funny story: I get my woot stuff today, expecting a 16GB DataTraveler Mini Slim, and instead see an OCZ 3GB 1600Mhz DDR3 Memory Kit.

I’m contacting woot too, but wanted to let you know lost memory has been found.

Whoops. Sorry about that. Email service@woot.com for assistance. Just a heads up though that since there were just a few of these, they may not be able to replace.

Ohhh wow haha what a mix up, I have already sent back the DataTraveler, If i had know you had It I would have just sent it directly to you. I wonder what is going to happen now lol