Odd Ad Behavior

The image below is a particular ad that is being displayed on Woot listings and it behaves oddly. First off it can bypass my ad blocker while most can’t, and when it is used on a page, the page auto scrolls to the bottom of the page so that you are forced to view the ad. Is this known behavior?

It’s concerning that it can manipulate my browser this way.


Wow. Not sure? I’ll ask around about how to get that ad removed from our rotation.

Thanks. BTW - I got “scrolled” by this same ad 6 times just since I started this thread…

Ok, we think we got it removed from the line-up. If it reoccurs, let me know, I may need the landing page URL at that point.

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I was only worried because, I’ve never seen a banner ad manipulate a browser in this manner. In fact, I tried some Google searching and found nothing. So either I couldn’t describe adequately it in a search phrase, or it’s new thing…

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Yeah, that’s what bothered me about it as well. We might see more like when they figured out how to do auto play/audio.

Oops. latest BOC page. More scrolling…

Let’s give it 24 hours for it to populate through the system. Also, clear your cache.

It’s back and it’s doing the same thing.

Since when do you guys allow scripts in ads? That doesn’t seem like a very good idea. Used to be a banner ad was just a simple JPG or PNG with a hyperlink.

We love stupid ads that anger our customers. /s

Of course we don’t allow it but they’re sneaking b* and are good at getting around things.

Now, could you right click and save that link.

If you’re feeling REALLY brave, could you give me the landing page link.

Thank you!

It’s back… Showed up twice on the Woot home page. Here’s the link the ad will send you to (I didn’t click it) and a screen grab of the ad near the bottom of the home page.

EDIT: In just 10 minutes this ad showed up on 6 different listings.


As a quick follow-up. This ad is showing up on over 50% of the pages I viewed on Woot this morning. I just saw a page that had it displayed in 3 different places. I stopped counting at 24 today alone.

Egads. Thanks! I’ve sent it to the ad team so they can dig deeper into what they need to ban.