Odds and Ends in Home

What is the thread count on these sheets?

Microfiber sheets don’t have a threadcount.

These sheets are horrible… They don’t feel as great as you’d think, unless you have plastic in mind… The fitted sheet doesn’t have elastic around the entire perimeter, like most fitted sheets, it is just about 12-18 inch strip in the 4 corners which makes for a pain in the butt to keep secure. I wish I could return these sheets, but I washed them when I first got them and threw the packaging away. I guess Goodwill has another product I can donate. These are cheap for a reason… BE WARNED!!

Are you saying I can’t return this crap? These are the worst sheets I’ve ever purchased. They are thin and do not stay on the bed over night. I just love waking up to the sheet in a ball under me.