Odds and Ends in Home

Sterilite basket – I can buy SIX of them for $48 on the homeship. They seem to list for $63 for a six-pack. Why are you selling ONE basket for $18, list supposedly = $63?


Anyone else have issues with the fact that the “RealTree” bowls are NOT made out of trees, but melamine?


You can buy the heater, Cadet Com-Pak at home depot for $89.00 and that includes the can and grill.


these mattress protectors are advertised as eliminating dust mites. They cannot eliminate dust mites unless they completely encase the mattress but I was very disappointed to find that these only cover the top and sides of the mattress in the way that a fitted sheet does–they do not encase the mattress–basically they are worthless for allergy purposes. I purchased some of these from Amazon from a company called Allergy control which to me, along with the actual claim on the product packaging, would indicate that they would actually eliminate dust mites–the reason I bought them–they are not worth it–they are only useful to protect from spills as they are somewhat water resistant.

RealTree is the name of the company.


Huh - I’m trying to get the chairs with the Lazy 20 code and it’s not going through…

That’s for shirt.woot items only, excluding art.

So no comment on the plastic laundry basket that supposedly retails for $63? I don’t expect you guys to give super deep discounts on every item you pedal, but the MRSP inflation is getting really out of hand, and frankly makes you guys seem like a bunch of unscrupulous liars.

We’ve been over this each time it comes up for sale. For some reason, it looks like we got taken in the price they were sold to us. :frowning:

So you’re counting on us making the same mistake? I don’t think that makes you guys look any better.

Nope. You didn’t. I think wooters are generally smarter than that. That’s why we still have them after all this time.

I’m just the messenger here.

duly noted, please pass the message on to whomever it would be beneficial to.

Oh, we have. Numerous times.

the wall heater is substantially cheaper on amazon. I haven’t been on this site in months. I can see I havent missed much.

If you’re looking at the one I found, it doesn’t have the thermostat.