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Did this just drop $10

Purchased this keyboard 4-5 months ago. Still using it today for work. It is a solid keyboard and quiet in comparison to other mechanical keyboards.

The clips on the back that stand the keyboard up, broke. I feel for such a solid keyboard why they made that part so weak is beyond me.

Either way it is worth the price.

I have the JBL Pebbles and love them (paid full price for them too). They are not the loudest of speakers and you won’t get that thump that some people look for since they lack a subwoofer, but other than that the sound is awesome. It’s deep and rich. Music sounds great, vocals and instruments are life-like and they are plenty loud for our home office. I’ve never needed to raise the volume past the halfway point in day to day usage.
I’ve listened to tons of music, a few movies and some skype and everything sounded great. I doubt you will find anything that sounds half as good at this price.


Would the Siemens GIGASET ONE Bluetooth Gateway allow me to use my landline for both mobile and landline calls?

I work out of my home and maintain a landline for frequent long conference calls. I would like to be able to use any of the extensions in my house to answer both landline calls and calls that come in for my mobile. Will the Siemens GIGASET ONE Bluetooth Gateway allow for that? Or is it strictly for using a landline type phone with mobile service?

Answered on Amazon:
Is it possible to use this with both a cellphone and a landline? Will this allow me to use my home phone for both landline and mobile calls?


For receiving a call, the home handset rings when a call comes in on any of them. For making a call from the handset, the call goes out on the landline by default but you can override that from the handset and select a cellphone.

So, the technical specs for the Siemens GIGASET ONE Siemens Gigaset Bluetooth Gateway says (in entirety), quote:
Siemens GIGASET ONE Siemens Gigaset Bluetooth Gateway - Black

Ah. So no AC or DC electrical power cord needed? No voltage specifications, wattage or backup?

Also: no dimensions or physical specs, just “black.”

I think not.
Someone really did a sloppy, sloppy, sloppy (and worthless) job on this one.