Odds & Ends of PC Accessories

Good reviews for the AOC portable monitor on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/AOC-e1659Fwu-16-Inch-3-0-Powered-Portable/dp/B00CMKOVMO

However the reviews make mention of a protective sleeve included with the monitor. As Woot’s offering is a refurb, and I see no mention of the sleeve, it merits asking does the one being sold here come with the protective sleeve?

I’ve got two of the iGo travel adapters and they work really well. So far I’ve used on Dell and HP machines and they are my go-to portable chargers - lightweight and able to switch tips easily. They do not get hot like the bricks that came with the laptops.

Agreed, those are awesome. I’m considering buying one (or two) more.

I should note though, that due to the energy saving features it can’t run a battery-less laptop or smartphone.