Odds & Ends of PC Hardware

The Thinkpad Carbons are overpriced. You can get them much cheaper from the Lenovo Outlet in New condition. Swing and a miss Woot.

Each time you call your random Windows computers sale “odds & ends of PC hardware”, I click the link looking for PC hatdware COMPONENTS and am disappointed each time :frowning:

Can you get Kindle books on this? Anyone know?

Figured I’d check back in now that I have the product in hand. This is what I bought:

HP 14-Q029wm 14" Chromebook, HSPA+ with Free Lifetime 200MB 4G, HD BrightView LED-backlit, Intel Celeron 2955U, 16GB SSD, 4GB DDR3, 2x2 802.11n, Chrome OS - Snow White

This is my first Chromebook, so it’s a new world for me, but I’m deeply ensconced in the Google world, so much of the interface is familiar to me. The settings are much like the Google browser/account settings.

The T-Mobile SIM card was not preinstalled like the literature said it was supposed to be, but was included and took about 30 seconds to punch it from the card it was on and install it. The activation was fairly simple, and since I went with just the free data for now (I honestly just wanted this for travel, since my primary laptop is a 17 inch gaming beast and is too bulky and heavy to lug through airports, plus I don’t want to risk any damage to it), it required nothing but an e-mail address and a name to activate.

I haven’t done much other than installing the Amazon Music app and checking Facebook on it. Unless I’m missing something, I can’t install Skype on it, but since I don’t use that terribly often, that’s not a huge deal. Pretty sure the one person I’d really want to be able to talk to when I travel could use Hangouts instead. With this limited use, I can say it boots and shuts down very, very quickly. I restarted it to update it and it took maybe 10 seconds at the most.

There are a few scuff marks (think dirty, not nicked) on the outside, but otherwise it was very clean. I have an ancient Macbook from the white case days, so I’m no stranger to the downside of having a white notebook. I preemptively ordered a decal to draw attention away from any dingy appearance. Who wouldn’t rather see a turquoise Tonberry than the hp logo anyway? So far, straight out of the box, I’m quite happy with the purchase, though time will tell how well it will hold up. Hopefully with limited use it will last a long time!