Odds & Ends of PC

X1 Carbon Looks like a Gen-1. Decent machine, but not a great price.

Nothing to see there, folks.

Not to worry folks, as part of the refurbishing process and to really boost the value of this older machine the software has been upgraded to include the latest version of Superfish, an adware, er, trojan, er ah, “software to assist you by making your searches easier!”

Just for the record, Superfish was installed by Lenovo on consumer computers only. So far, we have sold only business-grade Lenovos.

Is there an exact model number available for the P300? I’d like to look up RAM upgrade options.

With refurbished and factory reconditioned computers, it may be a mix of models. All are brought up to the specs listed as a minimum.

I am considering a purchase of the Lenovo ThinkStation P300 to be used as a video editing machine. The one thing that concerns me is the 280W power supply. I’m not sure if this can be replaced or upgraded. Other configurations of this machine online have a 450W power supply and a graphics card. I think it could be a deal breaker if I can’t upgrade the power supply in the future if I need to add PCIe cards or additional drives. Other than this Achilles Heal at the system power level, it seems like a great deal.

I suppose it’s a moot point now that it’s sold out but from previous sales, this uses a non-standard power supply, so while you probably can upgrade it, you’d have to get one made for that line.

Thanks for the reply. I’m not worried about missing the deal because of the power limitation. Overall a great machine and good deal otherwise.