Odea Giro Plus Super Automatic Espresso Machine

Okay – Here we go. Let’s see all the disgruntled underemployed people with tight budgets start complaining about the “high priced home.woot offerings.”

Here is a support page for the item…

Even though the woot! item shows it is /47… and the Phillips site shows it is /11 … should be right. :slight_smile:

I was just going to complain that it will be difficult to impress my fancy friends with my fancy espresso machine without those tiny cups. I’m disgruntled about the tiny cups…

Oh… and to those that have not checked woot! since Sunday.

Welcome home.woot… yes, there is a new place on the woot! servers for all your home (house, apartment, mansion, box) needs…

They even said their house is ours too, so, who wants to bring the keg to break it in??? :slight_smile:

Blast! I am in the market for an espresso machine, but it needs actual gauges. How does one live without glorious gauges!?

No, that’s not right. What’s “quieter”? An adjective. What do adjectives modify? Nouns. What is “quieter” trying to modify? A verb. But what really modifies verbs? Adverbs. And what’s the adverb that should be used there? “More quietly.”

First one’s free, Woot!

One should never settle for a machine that is merely automatic; make sure you get one that is Super Automatic!

Just did some googling… This is actually a great price!


Well, looks like ‘sellout.woot’ has more than one meaning. :expressionless:

I miss the days of $5 optical mice, $20 single serve coffee makers, $40 hard drives …‘real Woots’.

You can call it ‘home.woot’, but this is nothing more than another ‘sellout.woot’.

I AGREE!! Ya gotta go for the retro look, with the big gauges. This thing here is just too… well… too slick, I think.

and this is where I tap out of home.woot

I don’t like coffee/expresso/etc anyways.

I’ve often thought that I could give up wine over really well made espresso and this would score some nice brownie points with winedavid39 @ the office.

same price as costco

If have similar model. It works well. It’s italian. It will last about 4 to 6 years like all automatic espresso makers. So think about it before you shell out what you may consider too much for as little as a 5 years life span.

[MOD: Link to Costco? I’m not seeing it.]

. . . ehhh . . . I meant costco warehouse not the online version. Last time I checked is was 400, and that was a couple days ago.

kinda looks like wall-e

you also miss the countless graphic cards that woot sold the first 2 years it was around. And, remember, the never ending HP product placements a few years ago. At one time I though woot was now part of HP.

comments and quality posts on home.woot outpace main woot.com site only 3 postings into deployment?

great success!

That product description was written by the manufacturer, not a Woot writer. Send the bill to Saeco.

I do not think this one has a “bypass doser,” meaning that you cannot switch from whole beans to grounds. I do this when I want a decaf espresso (for which I have grounds) rather than regular (which are whole beans). Also, I briefly had an older Saeco brand super automatic. It made a lot of noise but no coffee. I now have a DeLonghi and it has worked fine for over 4 years.

Just read the manual, and was reminded of the jet pack George Michael received in that one episode of Arrested Development. Plus, there’s no “Iced Latté” button. I have to pass.