Odea Giro Plus Super Automatic Espresso Machine

I am IMPRESSED, home.woot! Other than wine.woot, I think this is going to be the death of me for woot.

Saeco arguably makes the most usable and robust home espresso machines on the market. I have one, (not the Odea, but the manual one, for specific reasons) and it has always been solid and makes some of the best espressos that my visitors have ever had. Of course, that also took some learning and RTFM.

$399? That’s an insane price. Don’t complain, at all.

With this automatic unit, all you need are espresso shot glasses: I use Bodum’s Canteen, but if you want something more robust, try their Pavina line: http://tinyurl.com/44jaqb5

And you would want to have a frothing stainless steel pitcher. I like the Rattleware ones: http://tinyurl.com/3s6rhbj

And that’s it. You don’t need any temper (or even learn to use one) or a burr grinder (I personally like the Capresso’s burr grinder). This pays for itself so quickly you wouldn’t even believe it. And the shots you pull will be much better than ANY k-cup type owners can ever imagine (but RTFM, ok?). Plus it’s impressive to watch. :slight_smile:

I HIGHLY recommend this, if you are looking for a budget automatic espresso machine.


Some pretty scathing reviews of product quality and support from the company on Amazon (6 one-star reviews)

Is this the same design as the one released circa-2007?

Was tempted, now not so sure… SquareTrade might be a good idea on this one…

Link on Amazon? I’m not seeing 6 1-star reviews.

I went and read the “scathing reviews”.

A few of them were from people who should have read the manual. This is not a cheap, crappy steam espresso machine; this is a “proper” 15 psi machine. What does a precision machine need? Careful maintenance (like a BMW). RTFM and follow the instructions; it’s not rocket science. If you do that, this would last you a while.

But if you are seriously worried about electrical problems (the more automation, the more things can break), get a Saeco manual machine then. It’s all mechanical. Mine has been working for THREE YEARS, making one to two espressos per day.

How is that for reliability?

No, I don’t work for Saeco, but I like the finer things in life, and can’t stand silly people (I’m talking about those silly reviewers, not you Pufferfishy) who shouldn’t be using these things complaining about it when they don’t know how to use it (or when they can’t read the simple manual).

$399 for an Espresso Machine?
What the…? For Four Hundred bucks I could fly to Italy and back and drink it in the country that invented espresso.

399.99 EUR on Amazon.de, that is about $550 USD

Sure. Can you drink 500 of them, then come back and not drink for 500 days?

$399 for an auto-mid-end espresso machine is CHEAP. Have you looked at prices recently?

I call. Paste URL of rt to Italy for $400. Ready go.

I think Amazon is monitoring what I am searching for and posting it for sale here. First towels and now this.

I had placed a limit of $350 for a good manual machine and really had not even looked at the super automatics because of price.

I had a Saeco Magic Deluxe a few years ago that my boss gave me. I really enjoyed it - while it lasted. There were some design flaws on that model, though. First a hose cracked because of exposure to heat, then the sensors started to gunk up and malfunction. The last six months I had it I felt like a superstitious slots player - rub the screen three times, touch the handle, rub the side of the machine, say a chant, and hope I won some coffee.

I guess I am in for one.

Ew, coffee smells like old people.

dont drink coffee, does this do windows?

I love a morning Redeye, but $400 to make espresso… $2.50 in the morning doesn’t sound so bad, and they make it for me.

I hate coffee but I want this because it looks freaking awesome. I dont think my wife would like that reason for spending $400 though. =/

I’d shy away from this one. Bought this model from Costco a year ago and it worked GREAT for the first 3 months. Best espresso I’ve ever drank, bar none. My coffee consumption went up approx. 400%. Get bored, push a button, drink an espresso. Repeat 4x a day.

Then it completely STB. No coffee, no sound, no motion, nothing. Read the manual trying to fix it - no dice. Took it back to Costco for a full refund. May not be everyone’s experience, but it was mine.

It’s worth noting that one of the 1-star reviewers later posted the same review on a different Saeco model, suggesting that he probably didn’t realize that the model he reviewed initially wasn’t the one that he bought…

many of the reviewers on amazon and costco are idiots. There’s one guy that claimed the machine was leaking when in fact the machine has a rinsing system to clean the filter after each serving. That way the next coffee serving won’t taste stale. That’s good not bad. Another one claims that the water tank is too small. Well espresso like alcoholic shots are taken in small quantities. It’s not drip coffee. Another guy claims the coffee blend is watery. Again no big mugs filled to brim with one gigantic espresso shot. A coffee maker is a lot cheaper and will fill that big mug of yours.

For the people saying they’d rather buy their coffee already made because of price…

Price of Starbucks coffee: $2.49

Price of homemade coffee: $400 + $0.50 = $400.50

Price of Starbucks coffee after one year: $908.85

Price of homemade coffee after one year: $400 + $182.50 = $582.50

How often do you need to tear it down to clean?

I would love something like this as I used to travel to Europe a LOT and miss easy access to good espresso. But the thought of having to clean it after every couple of servings is not what I would want to do.

But will it last?

If you think this is a lot for a Super Auto, look at some of the other options.I paid $1200 for a Jura F7.
I like the fact that it counts the shots - gives it accountability.
Almost 6000 without a hitch.

Some purists think only a Manual can make good coffee. On the other hand, some people think good coffee can come out of a ‘pod’.