Odyssey White Hot XG 1 Men’s Putter

How do you refurbish a putter?!?

White hot is the new sexy

Now I can put my Box of Cabbage.

Swing away, kids.

Um how does one refurbish a golf club…?

refurbished?!?!?!?!?! how does a putter fail?

respiffified putter?

Um, how do you refurbish a golf club?

Refurb??? What - were they wrapped around trees near the fourth green?

Refurbished? What could possibly be wrong with a putter that it needs to be refurbished?

That’s new… a refurb putter. Love Odysseys though

what the fuck is a refurbished putter???

Green Jacket, Gold Jacket, Who gives a BOC.

Bah! I do want an Odyssey putter, but not that one. So close. So very close.


if the putter in the image looks banged up… im curious to see what the one you order will look like.

Those are really nice putters. If I golfed more I would go ahead and buy one but I never get a chance to. This might be a while though…

Put a new Grip on one.

However, I’d guess these were scratched/dented ever so slightly and because of that can’t be sold as new.

seriosly how do you do it?

Great price on a great putter. The White Hot line is last year’s, however - the new Odyssey line is the White Ice. Still, these go for > $100 new. Classic blade model, great feel, 35" is probably the most common length as well.