OEM Fridge Filters

Filter 4396710 is not a great deal.
Amazon, with Prime account, is the same price with shipping included.

Maytag filter also cheaper at amazon (assuming prime)


Ugh! WOOT used to post deals that couldn’t be beat anywhere. Now most of the “deals” are easily found for a better price elsewhere.

If you buy two packs the price is even cheaper per filter and price gets everyone free shipping.

What exactly is the purpose of woot anymore? The price of the two blue whirlpool filters are basically the same as Amazon. If you have prime shipping, it would be cheaper and be shipped faster.

Hmmm…You don’t have mine anyway…

Why yes I have a Whirlpool fridge. Why yes, it so happens it needs a new water filter. Why no, Woot, this is not the cheapest place to purchase a Whirlpool 4396841 filter, Amazon is cheaper and I can get free shipping if I buy 2 or get something else I need.

I can save money buying the UKF8001 filter direct from Amazon so why would I bother with woot?

The 4396395 is a compatible filter to the Maytag UKF8001. Looks like there is still some in stock with this promotion.


This is disappointing Woot. The UKF8001 is cheaper at Amazon.