OEM Power Inverter

OEM Power Inverter
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**Item: **OEM Power Inverter
Price: $14.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Condition: New
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Not too woot! worthy. I did a search on the model number of this inverter and the first result was Auto Zone who has it for 19.99 and I can get it right now.

140 watts continuous would likely blow the fuse, commonly a 10 amp, going to your car’s 12V socket.

Always worth keeping a cheap power inverter or two around. Power your laptop in the car, run a full power work light instead of one of those cheesy LED ones, etc. I keep one in the trunk (not one of these) in case I need power (it is a 150 watt inverter but my car wiring limits me to 100 watts). They have their limitations though and you need to stay away from motors and CFLs for example, you need pure sine for that.

Common in Japanese cars such as Subarus yes, but I’ve seen as high as 20 amps in Dodges. Always check the owner’s manual (and while you are at it make sure the right fuse is installed in the box). Most engineers assume 15 amps for a car power outlet as that was commonly the fuse and wiring in the 1980s and maybe earlier.