OEM Tools 42-Piece Impact Socket Set

OEM Tools 42-Piece Impact Socket Set

I can’t find any reviews on this brand anywhere except Amazon. The Amazon reviews do seem legit. This set is about 1/6 the price of a comparable Craftsman set, so maybe they’re OK for a throw-away set, which appears to be what some of the better Amazon reviewers intended. Big complaint is that some of these came from the factory with a blemished protective coating that leaked onto the nice foam organizers and discolored them, but doesn’t appear to hinder performance.

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I might shouldn’t admit it but I’ve had really good luck with Harbor Freights “throw away” impact socket sets. I’ve yet to have to throw any away.


I have purchased 5 sets of these for my auto shop student toolboxes and they are great.

My harbor freight impact sockets are still going strong from when I was using them in the trade, working on heavy trucks and fire apparatus. I paid like $10/set back 20-ish years ago!