Oenophilia Cork Bottle Tote (2)

Oenophilia Cork Bottle Tote 2-Pack
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So… we want to keep cork out of the wine, but it’s good to put the wine in the cork.

Ironic, considering the growing use of plastic stoppers these days.

I can’t understand with the growing shortage of cork/near extinction of the trees that produce said cork, why you would be selling a product like this.

I’d only be ok with this if these bags are made from 100% reused corks.

Money saving tip:
Save all your corks.
Glue them together.
Add a string.
Presto! DIY Bottle Tote.

Of course, I like to carry and serve my wine from a brown paper bag.

Harvesting of cork for use in wine stoppers is entirely sustainable.

The bark renews itself after harvesting and no trees are cut down. As local people rely on these trees to support their livelihoods, they also look after the forests.

it’s hard to convey with a picture, but the feel of the cork material is really cool. Soft, malleable. a cool gift, IMO.

Extinction, I tell you!

if you’re trying to pass off a nice bottle as a gift, this is some sweet wrapping.