Of all our celebrity well-wishers for our birthday, who was your favorite?

They were all great. Honestly. But I think we all know who’s my favorite.

I’m 100% sure she made a video. @notmatty simply forgot to post it.


Sean Astin.

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I’m 13 years older than her. If I had a crush on her growing up, that would be weird.


Doc Holiday.
I’m your Huckleberry.
Val Kilmer Film GIF


Funny to have both Sean Astin and Melissa Joan Hart who just a couple years ago played husband and wife on a Netflix sitcom.

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Agree to disagree.


Isn’t Pepper a celebrity? I have no idea who those other names belong to.

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Edgar Degas- Duh!
Benedict Cumberbatch- yum
Brian May!! Rock On👍

I was impressed that Jim Morrison, Elvis Presley, and Abe Lincoln came to the party.

President Carter was very touching. Did not know he was so tech knowledgeable.

I think you’ve confused the Woot! Birthday salutes with the Sharknado movies.

Actually, I thought it was kind of cool having all those folks salute Woot!

IMHO. Whatever.

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Felicia Day (the only one I watched)

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