Of these four players, who's the MLB shortstop GOAT?

Of these four players, who's the MLB shortstop GOAT?


umm… what is mlb and why are goats involved?

OK Woot!, you got me going on this one! :joy:

  1. Alex Rodriguez moved to 3rd base as a Yankee because Derek Jeter was a better shortstop. No GOAT!
  2. Cal Ripken Jr. is DEFINITELY, the ultimate baseball Iron Man! 2,632 games in a row is crazy!!! Definitely one of the best shortstops ever, but not the GOAT.
  3. Ernie Banks, fantastic shortstop! Possibly top 2 in defense/offense production and over all dominating player!
  4. Ozzie Smith was the purest, most athletic, and insanely acrobatic person to play baseball!!! NOBODY has ever made the kind of plays that the Wizard of Oz did, and he made it look sooooo smooth! That is why he is the shortstop GOAT!!!

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Major League Baseball and GOAT = Greatest Of All Time

I don’t really watch baseball, but I like your explanation @erikandamybaker so I’m also going to go with Ozzie Smith :grin:

Also, never forget…


Phil Rizzuto was probably the best shortstop that people ever ignored.

Joe DiMaggio characterized Rizzuto’s enduring appeal to fans: “People loved watching me play baseball. Scooter, they just loved.”

Stengel ended up managing Rizzuto during five consecutive championship seasons, and would later say, “He is the greatest shortstop I have ever seen in my entire baseball career, and I have watched some beauties.”

Greatest. Of. All. Time. CALLLLLS the man!

Technically from a numbers perspective it would be Honus Wagner, IIRC.

Ivan DeJesus

Ozzie was the GOAT for defense, not a great hitter. If you want overall you pick Ernie Banks hands down from this list. Also how is Cal Ripken in this poll but not Honus Wagner or Derek Jeter?


You basically outlined why Banks wins and forgot to mention that Ozzie was a career .262 hitter. Ozzie was so fun to watch on defense but that average, might be acceptable for a power hitter, but he also only had 26 career home runs.


If you think Jeter was a better shortstop than Arod, I’ve got a bridge to sell you…

Phil Rizzuto

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Yes I know he was a 1B when he hit it. He’s still the greatest.

lol… I know. I was just trying to show my complete disinterest in the subject. Perhaps I should have added this emoji :roll_eyes: lol… I don’t know. I don’t speak emoji, either.

Mr. Cub!

Ah, I see. I believe this is what you’re looking for ~>
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Isn’t shortstop a defensive position? So would it really matter if he wasn’t a great hitter? (Serious question)

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:slight_smile: See, we’re never too old to learn something new

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