Off and Away . . .

Congrats on the triumphant return, sokowa :smiley:

Congrats sokowa! :slight_smile: I really like the contrast between the little ducky and the giant wave.

Blithely, he sails to victory. Congrats Sokowa!


Clearly the little guy was a duck scout - the snorkel shows a level of preparedness only a scout would have.

Oh darn it, I was hoping for an ugly hoof beast.

Guess I’ll just have to congratulate this much better done shirt.

Honestly, this shirt should have been called DuckTales (a-woo-oo). That ride looks like it’d so freakin’ epic!

LOL why are 80% of the shirts on here always baby blue color?

This makes me an extremely, ridiculous, crazy happy person. I wish I could wear this in the bathtub. In fact, I probably will.

congrats Sokawa! very nice print. am I the only person who thought of Ernie from Sesame Street with the Woot write up? now I have the “rubber ducky, your the one…you make bathtime lots of fun” song stuck in my head. >_<

ahhh, but Ernie had such a special relationship with his ducky. Bert just didn’t get it.

Rubber yellow ducky…Side deal Yellow Bird Project…I smell a conspiracy!

awesome shirt, congrats on the print! May be in for one in the morning!

The wave is a nice contrast with the duck and make the desugn more intricate then it might have been.

Nice to see you printed again keep up the good work.

Easy there, buddy. It’s only the first time, so it’s an accident. After that it’s a coincidence THEN it’s a coincidence.

Yah first sucker! I didn’t really like the other two, but I really wanted this one. And I love the blue. Grats on the print sokowa!

It looks like a duck boat.

This item is an example of the adage “Some T-Shirts were never meant to be printed.” Nice, complex waves, stupid duck: and there isn’t even any humor in the incongruity. I wouldn’t even wish one of these on an enemy, and considering I don’t have any friends, that means I wouldn’t wish it on ANYONE.

Don’t forget your snorkel :wink:

Hey all, do any Aussies know what to put in the postcode tab for ordering ?

It will only accept 5 digits but we only have 4.

Oh, Good point! Maybe I should go get one of those…