Off and Away . . .

(Certain to be censored) Ah, but Bert didn’t know about the extra, secret hole that Ernie plugged up in a surreptitious manner. If he didn’t, the duck would never have squawked, but since he did Ernie obtained physical pleasures that mere mortals only aspire to.

I still don’t think the duck belongs on the high-and-mighty, majestic seas.

Edit: in fact, the only reason that the duck was in the water was because Ernie had dropped it. Imagine his chagrin when a couple of Navy seamen and a couple of Army privates jumped over to rescue the beloved duck. Of course, gigantic fish immediately swallowed up the Army privates, but worse yet Ernie’s shaming secret was found out by the Navy as they brought the duck back on board. Ernie could never show his face in polite society again.

Moral: same as last night: the Army should leave the fish to the Navy.

Why are 75% of statistics made up on the spot?

“Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics”
— Mark Twain

Thank you to all who voted and commented and took the time to just look :slight_smile: It was one heck of a woot ride this week and I’m proud to come in 3rd to two very good entries.

Off and Away . . .
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congrats on the print, sokowa! I’ve been cheering for this shirt for a while, and I’m happy that I have some cash in paypal right now. :slight_smile:

I love the waves and the ducky. looking forward to wearing it to the pool & beach this summer

I want so desperately to post something clever and get a “quality post” next to my name. Alas, my mind is blank.

Love the shirt though! Congrats!

Congrats on the print, Sokowa.

Real nice work. Might have to buy this one…

Yeeeeeeeeeeaaahh go little ducky go! He rode all the way through those foggy waters to make it here. What a brave little duck. I must have him. :slight_smile:

“Lonesome Dove Babies” Ahahaha!

Congrats on the print. I’m quite a fan of the rubber ducky, and the waves look great :slight_smile:

Is there a rubber ducky obsession I’m not aware about? Rubber ducky t-shirts sell rather well. Childhood nostalgia?

excellent shirt, although I’m wondering if the duck is going to be slightly too small on the shirt. I could barely make out any details on the comp, but of course, the shirt is bigger than the comp. I might also be missing the fact that maybe the duck is supposed to be that small as some semblance of the scale of the waves and the journey it’s on. At this point I’m just rambling because I have nothing better to do at this point and I’m tired, but I really like this and will consider buying it if it’s still here when I wake up tomorrow, which is should be, as it’s an “art shirt”. But it has a rubber duck, so who knows.

Congratulations on the win - I absolutely love this design (not in the least because, when I was four and my family went camping in the high Sierras, I took along my favorite doll which just happened to be my rubber ducky … and I dropped him in the river to let him bob around, where upon he was swept away and I cried for hours - this shirt makes me think of the little dude bobbing around the seas, having grand adventures). In for two!

This is so cute! I love the design, rubber duckies make me laugh…this also kinda makes me think of the vibrating “I Rub My Duckie” toy found in novelty type stores…ahem

I don’t need another baby blue shirt, but rock on rubber duck. Rock on.

And don’t forget your water wings also. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Another unwearable shirt. Oftentimes I think Woot users are voting on artwork without thinking of the practicalities of having said artwork on a shirt.

Congrats on getting printed in any case, I’m just disappointed at this growing trend.

I often see people saying ‘unwearable’, but I’ve never really understood what they mean by it. Perhaps different people mean different things? What do you mean?

I really like this design, and it doesn’t look like I’m in the minority…

baby blue meets baby rubber ducky, chicks are gonna go crazy for this.