Off and Away . . .

I love the texture of the waves. Great rendering. The gray parts seem a little weird on light blue on my screen but I’m sure it looks fine printed.

That snorkel ought to save the duck.

Congrats Sokowa! Glad to see you get printed here again!

Alas, after a traumatic childhood incident with a Rubber Ducky, this shirt frightens me terribly…

I’d wear this, and will. It’s aesthetically pleasing. I don’t know or think there is a joke behind it, but I’m sure there is some sort of interesting story as to how the little rubber duck ended up riding the waves. Or I could atleast fabricate one, if some one were to ask. I enjoyed this design very much.

thanks for the boss shirt, boss.

Oh, geez. I am so unprepared for my baths and I never even realized it!

Thank you, for such a great design. I love the little guy and his high seas adventures. I have a friend who is a huge fan of rubber ducks and I just have to get this for her. I am so glad this made it to print. Thanks again.

It’s actually pretty simple.

Step 1. Open the shirt.woot package
Step 2. Put on the shirt
Step 3. Flaunt it around all of your jealous friends

Congratulations, you just successfully wore the shirt previously thought to be “unwearable.”

So… what was your first shirt you purchased? That way we can get an idea of your style…

wait… the box is blank. My bad.

Grats Soko!!! Well deserved. You should have also had your ‘Joust’ shirt printed this last Do Over Derby… I hope you put that up someplace as well.

Go JadenKale Go.

Wow artists can get a little sensitive, remember we’re still the ones buying the shirt, so our opinions kinda matter no matter how many shirts we’ve sold- zero for me,

Congrats Sokowa! Nice way to make a comeback :slight_smile:

Congrats Sokawa!

This derby produced a trifecta of some of my favorite designers!

Great job Sokowa. This was a nice surprise on a Sunday morning. I hope it sells well for you.

Congrats, Sokowa!! So good to see you here again. :slight_smile:

The “we call this color” for today is amazing. “Baby Blue Duck?” Pure Woot / Lonesome Dove Gold.

So glad this came up today! I was worried when it wasn’t yesterday’s shirt…Congrats!

Nine years into Millenium Two
Rubber Ducky sailed the ocean blue

He eeked three squeaks and fled the drain
He bobbed past wash rag, soap, and ring stain

He bobbed all night and the day throughout
'Cuz nobody drained the water out

He followed the tub ring along the side
Lacking a compass, it was his guide

He sailed out hunting the ducky wench
A quacking desire he sought to quench

Our rubber ducky he could not sleep
His fear of the water being so deep

Then came the waves from the plungers work
The drain was clogged which seemed a quirk

The waves rose so high along the side
Sending our ducky on the wildest ride

The waves tossed him to an unknown height
Water on the floor such a messy sight

At last Sokowa cleared the drain so clogged
Good for ducky 'cuz he was waterlogged

He found his wench at the bottom o’ the tub
And they got down with their rub-a-dub-dub

I would’ve been in for 2; too bad it’s baby blue.

Congrats on the print…

O.M.G… an original design that’s not 100% cute animals or silk-screened dragons? On woot?!

Hmm, I must have clicked on the wrong bookmark…

love this shirt! congrats artist!