Office Chairs

Looking for additional info on the ShopSol chair mesh executive chair. I can’t seem to find it anywhere on the intrawebs.

Where can I find the table on the main pic?

The Lumisource Network Office Chairs are on Sears for $150, on Wayfair for $127, and Overstock for $126. Overstock probably has the most product info (like 250lb weight capacity), but there are no customer reviews at any of those sites.

Woot shows 200 lbs limits…seems fairly low. If that is spot on, it makes these fairly scary chairs…How is that rating determined?

From what I understand, all chairs (office, dining, etc) are required to be tested to 200 lbs so that’s what they tested to and that’s what we have to state.

Does anyone have any experience with the ZUO 205147 Holt High Back Office Chair - Red? It looks nice, but am curious as to how durable they are.

I spotted the 200 lb limit on all the chairs, too. We had a visiting heavyweight <250> who simply sat down in my computer chair rated 225 lb. The thing crumbled under him and threw him to the floor. I really hate to take chances with that now :frowning: nor do I want to tell visitors they can’t sit there because of the weight limit!

I’m sitting on a relic from the 70’s that I picked up at a garage sale for $3. It’s not the most comfy, but it helps with my posture.

That will not cover the avg wooter.

Anyone seen a review for the shopsol executive chair? There’s no review of this brand anywhere.

Are there any reviews of the Shopsol mesh chair anywhere? I can’t find anything on it.

Better double-check the specs to be sure the chair you want will take your weight. That Shopsol exec mesh chair is only for executives who weight 200 lb or less!

See earlier posts. That’s what manufacturers are required to test to. They are not required to test to higher weights.

I really wish Woot would offer Herman Miller products at some point. Granted, licensing is probably expensive to sell HM products, and they’re expensive to begin with… I’m sure there would be a market, even here.