Office Fun-iture!



The weight the desks will hold is not included, making me skeptical about them from the get go.


just looking at them makes me skeptical…

This isn’t the first year these have been on. as is illustrated by the significantly old laptops displayed for props. every time I see the picture, I think “ooooo fanc… oh, these again…, i guess i can go to goodwill if I really needed a desk like that”.


Now, why does the laptop need a separate keyboard?


Amazon reviews are generally very good for the Mission Desk. Mostly problems with assembly, but once done they say it’s a very nice desk.


Because laptop keyboards stink for productivity. Too many missing keys, dual-function keys, half-size keys, keys that are just buttons (F1-F12), missing numeric keypad, bad key layout, bad ergonomics, etc.

I always prefer a separate keyboard and mouse when using a laptop.


That cart, though, has a “vintage” CRT monitor and bulky old minitower on it, that tells you it has to be stronger than your average particleboard furniture.

I think Woot should assemble each of these desks, get a camcorder rolling, and see how many Sony 24" CRT monitors (just shy of 100 pounds each) they can support before they collapse into a pile of sawdust.


I’d like to see more info on the home and office PC cart. Looks like something that could work in our kitchen…


A couple of reviews here

but not much more info on-line…


Here are comments from a number of people regarding this hideaway

(20lbs. maximum)


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Desk Reviews


so is the 24"x 24"in the shape of the /\


I highly doubt the sofa desk is W 60" x D 30" x H 30"


Sorry but I do not understand your question.


I concur. I’m going to guess it is somewhere closer to 60"x15"x30", unless the picture is somehow distorted.

Woot, could you clarify?


There is a desk on Overstock that looks almost exactly like that corner desk for a lot less $$$.


Different brand entirely. We sold the desk you linked previously on Home.Woot.