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As I didn’t see any info about the construction of any of these, I can only assume they are probably some form of particle board with veneers. The finished back on the shelves seems to be a nice touch but, to me, is overkill. Would someone really use them as a room divider or in front of a window?

That being said, I have shelves that look identical (72” x 29.5” x 12”) that I got from Big Lots for $80 each and two shorter ones (42” x 29.5” x 12”) for $60 each. They make up a great looking media center around my 50” TV.

I will admit that the corner desks have piqued my imagination although their actual storage space is indeed limited.

Responding as the manufacturer, these items are wood solids and veneers with a particle board core. The items you mentioned from Big Lots are likely made with a paper with a pattern that looks like wood.

We finish the bookcase backs because ofter they are visible in two story homes or part of the back is visible and we want them to look great in all circumstances!

Do you have the dimensions of each side, from the corner out? Thanks.

From the manufacturer, the corner with drawers is 43" x 60" along the wall. The drawers can be on the right or left side when assembled.

43" x 60"


Can these pieces be connected? That is, can the writing desk be added to the corner table to form a L-shape desk?

When building the corner desk w/ drawer stack…can it be configured so that the drawer stack goes on either side of the desk space? Or must it always go on the right as shown in the pictures.

Thanks for being around and answering questions, company rep guy!

Very much what I’m thinking of, but it looks like the trim may interfere with that.
What say you, MrFurniture?

Also, as a side note:
31" tall two shelf bookcase
Dimensions: 24.7" W x 13.6" D x 29.7" H
Is it 29.7" or 31" high? Because trying to see if things line up with what you already have or plan to buy is kind of difficult when the specs don’t match.

IS there a website that I can visit to look at product line?

I like how the rep was around and plenty of questions went unanswered. I guess I am in for one, lets see if I can get screwed over by woot.

Product arrived after several days however multiple parts were broken out of the box. Could not repair sufficiently as everything was made from particle board.