Office Furniture

I don’t know about you, but finding the right office furniture for home takes me forever. How’s your office looking these days?

The specs don’t seem correct for this.
Dimensions: W 66.5" x D 27" x H 6.38"

It’s only 6.38inches tall?

Is this the box measurements? If so, what is the actual desk length because 66.5 inches wide is just half an inch to wide for the area I have for a desk.

Okay - is there any way I could get a measurement on that corner desk & what the distance is from the corner to the edge of the desk? I know it could probably be figured out, but math has never been my strong suit.

i’m going to hunt down (double-check) the dimensions for y’all, and hopefully that’ll help.

I have a Bush computer desk. It is nice, but many of the screw holes are slightly off, making it a pain to put together with a manual screwdriver. Make sure you have an electric one handy.

I am thinking about getting this. I found a desk that has almost identical dimensions, but in a much more usable format.

It is a small picture but when you zoom in (ctrl and + key; ctrl & number pad * key to reset)
it is readable. it’s here:

Same with the Bush Industries LAT001MN Sofa/Table Desk. There’s no way it’s 30" deep by 30" tall! The cross section would be square.

Who measured this stuff?

The vendor finally got back to us. They originally sent us the box dimensions. Sigh.

Here’s the correct ones and the sale is being updated:

LAT003MN Double Pedestal Desk: 30"H X 60" W X 24 1/2" D
LAT002MN Trestle Table: 30"H X 60" W X 30" D
LAT001MN Sofa Table: 30" H X 60" W X 20 3/4" D

The vendor sent us a pretty picture of the corner desk with more measurements. I don’t think there’s a measurement left that you could request. (Not a challenge.)

Thank you kindly. That is just the information I was needing. Good thing I purchased the LAT003MN!


When did woot start charging tax in PA?

Amazon (and its subsidiaries, including Woot) were required to start charging tax to PA per a PA state law on September 1st.

Thank you! i am actually thinking this might make a nice little sewing desk for me.