Office Furniture!

Where’s that table top and rolling file cabinet in the banner photo?

One of the lamps has a rusted/pitted finish (Adesso 3390-23 Scholar Pewter LED Desk Lamp). Definitely not a $70 product.

Anybody have experience with the ZUO 205140 Harlean High Back Office Chair Black?

Have those at work, love em

We have the ZUO 215231 Lider Plus High Back Office Chair for all workers in our offices. We paid this price [$200] in bulk. A comfortable employee is a happy employee.

Wow. Just bought this piece at a store a couple months ago… Nice table.

Wait! Which piece?

Does anyone have anything to say about the Carolina Cottage 4020-AWNC Antique White Workman Desk? I’d like to get it as a dedicated spot for all things beauty (makeup, hair nails). I mostly want to know how sturdy it is and if it’s comfortable to sit at.

Thank goodness, I’ve been looking for a pair of white sawhorses and a sheet of stained plywood for ages!! What a deal!

So I looked up the lamps on amazon and the Adesso 3396-22 Stanford says it comes with an 100 watt led bulb. This seems high to me. Why the different wattage to the one offered on woot?

If you read the description on Amazon, it says:

The Stanford full-spectrum LED architect desk lamp has a round vented metal dome shade that holds a 12 Watt LED.

Amazon sales are notorious for having wrong info because they’re an amalgamation from third-party vendor’s sales pages.

Our info came from the vendor or the vendor’s site.

this is the same as the Bradford Desk. Its the same model # just backwards. Flexford Black Writing Office Desk

just received this china made POS lattice deck that just falls apart when trying to assemble, do not buy this crap, it is just going to piss you off when assembling