Office+Style Surge Protector (2 Pack)

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Office+Style Surge Protector (2 Pack)
Price: $10.99
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Thinking about these, but I don’t get why manufacturers still insist on making all these wall-wart-unfriendly adapters. Do we not ALL own 257,823 wall warts?

Oh, what the hell. They’re pink!

Agreed, but I have solved this using 6 inch extension cords which can be had for a reasonable price on Amazon or Monoprice.

I don’t understand why they never show pictures of the plug side. Lot’s of houses built in the 80’s have switched outlets and knowing which outlet it plugs into is imperative.

Is it multi-voltage?
Wouldn’t ask for a simple strip, but because it has USB, it probably matters

The pictures on Amazon show that it plugs into the top outlet, with a plastic pin going into the bottom.

If you have Prime, this is actually $1 more than Amazon’s regular price!

In case Woot kills links, search for “Surge Protector, Electronics Charging Station, 6 Outlet 2 USB Port Wall Adapter with Safety Indicator Lights -Purple- By Office + Style”

[MOD: That’s a single. We’re selling a 2-pack. And we offer FREE shipping for Amazon Prime members.]

Looks like the Woot! is a 2 Pack and the Mothership Link is only 1.

2 pack is actually 18.99 on Amazon.

We got a few of these the last time, and they have been great. Kitchen, living room, bedroom, and kids room, for this price, I am tempted to get a few more.

And my daughter loved the pink one

ALSO, these devices will not plug into Decora style outlets which have no middle screw.

Free shipping for Prime??? Since when?

Just take the screw out like I did, my outlet is a monster power but I’m sure these come out to.

they just started doing that in the past few days. Simply log in using the convenient LOG IN using amazon option when you come to woot!

Is EACH USB outlet 2.1 amps or is it 2.1 amps total?
Looks like each should be 2.1 from the description, but not sure if that’s actually the case…

2.1 each

I bought some of these on Amazon a few months ago. They work great on standard outlets but they will not mount properly on a GFCI outlet because the plastic stabilizer pin on the back of the Surge Protector doesn’t line up with the bottom ground hole on a GFCI outlet. The outlet holes on a GFCI are slightly farther apart. Just a heads up.

FYI: If you have trouble ordering with Prime shipping using Chrome, try using Firefox instead. After multiple tries with Chrome I could not get it to work. No matter what I did it still wanted to charge me $5 shipping. Opened Woot! in Firefox and everything worked as planned and my order was placed with free Prime shipping. I didn’t try using IE so it might work there as well. Good Luck!

That, sir, is brilliant! I didn’t even know such a thing existed, but I found a very good price on a 5-pack on Amazon. It’s just the thing I needed. Thanks for sharing.