Office+Style Surge Protector (2 Pack)

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Office+Style Surge Protector (2 Pack)
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Just checked the reviews on Amazon…ouch. Many people complaining that the USB ports either don’t work, last, and are only 1amp when two items are charging.

Who is the manufacturer of this? Do they guarantee my pc’s if these device fails?

No, and I’ll state up front, Belkin units like this are just as bad. Had two catch on fire. To Belkins’ credit, they acted concerned about being sued, not that I was threatening that, they did promptly replace the units. Which I believe I bought from woot.

Here are two customer reviews of 355 on Amazon. Claims these are rebranded Bluetech or BlueCell

“*USB ports failed after three weeks, and company has no online presence or way to process warranty claim.
Would be a great product if it worked. The two USB ports ceased charging after about three weeks, for no apparent reason. Worse, the company, Bluetech, doesn’t seem to have an easily-found website or web presence, so it was impossible to find a way to do a warranty exchange. Replaced it with a Belkin model, which provides much easier warranty processing information, and actually cost slightly less for the same essential thing.
There is no reason to waste your money on this. None. 
By Blaxxxxxx on May 24, 2016”

“USB Ports Fail Early On but Surge Protector Remains… 
This item, sold before as BlueCell, now as Office + Style, comes from the same factory outside of Ningbo, China, product number LA-102S-1.… see more 
By J C on October 5, 2016”*

Bought this deal a few weeks back and I have to say I’d stay…I would stay away from these. I plugged one of them into an outlet and found that the slightest nudge caused the ground light to trip. This along with the fact that it doesn’t use both outlets on the base outlet make me nervous.

I won’t be using them in my house.

Item has 4.3 reviews (which is really good for Amazon). For the rare cases of product defect, we gladly stand behind our products.

To correct the record: I bought my Belkin units from Amazon.

And I’d like to ask woot for a search function for past orders. I want 20+ min of my life back scrolling through 40+ pages.

It did teach me a lesson though. I have a problem buying stuff.

These are manufactured by Office+Style. Items are ETL safety approved. We gladly stand behind our products.

We are in no way affiliated with Belkin

I bought this deal a few weeks back too and they are working great. I have one in my home office with 3 plugs into it and another for our entertainment area with a TV, Dish box and sound system, so about 4 items plugged in. No issues at all.

Bought many before. Using them as we speak. In for more.

Anyone have any idea how to get woot to recognize my Amazon Prime membership? I sign in via the Amazon Prime link on the woot home page, but at checkout, they still want to charge me for shipping.

Make sure you’re logging in with Amazon and not using Pay with Amazon.

To be sure, sign out of Woot complete. Sign in using the Login with Amazon link.

Recently bought a set right here. Not a fan, personally. The surge and AC seem to work fine. The USB is not ideal. I couldn’t get two devices to charge on one unit. These don’t fit nicely on top of an entire GFCI plug. Had to use one in the bottom plug so it hangs below the outlet. You get what you pay for. These were cheap and serve some purpose.

How old is your house? When I bought mine (30 years old at the time), about a third of the wall receptacles were loose in some way. I’ve since replaced the majority of them, adding GFCI receptacles where required by the current NEC.

The bottom contacts are irrelevant and undesirable. Sometimes, receptacles are wired to a switch, so the top and bottom are not connected; you don’t want this to connect the two circuits.

Let’s get some info from you while you are here.

What is warranty, and where can we all find it?
For example, in the US, one Belkin model has a $300,000 Connected Equipment Warranty, and states: "If your electronic equipment is damaged by a surge, spike, or lightning strike while properly connected to this power strip, we will repair or replace it, up to $300,000.

What is customer support number?

What is its response time?

Works for Spikes only?

It shows the ground on the back. Why doesn’t have a polarized blade (neutral blade)?

I didn’t infer Office+Style was Belking, but what company is the parent company?

What is the Clamping voltage?

Does it have a reset?
Without one you don’t know how many hits it has taken and they DO wear out

Since you provide USB outlets, what voltage does it let pass through, when does it cut off power, and is the internal voltage converter separately protected?
It either has one or you need to tell people they are passing 120V to their 5V equipment.

Does the two USB outlets share the same 2.1A output from the converter?


I bought this the last time it was on.
Two minor issues - The single screw holds it into the outlet receptacle loosely - it did not feel secure. I then used a metal receptacle face plate and secured this unit to the face plate with white cable ties. It felt much better.
The second issue - the Phillips screw head on one the fastening screws has a manufacturing defect with the screw head’s Phillips ‘depression’ not being deep enough to allow it to be screwed in.
I can easily get a replacement screw at a hardware store when I need to install it.

I took the woot’s photo of the back, rotated it and enhance it(contrast)so we could all read it.

One blow dryer 1875W and anything else and POOF!

Residential receptacles are usually 15 amp circuits anyway.

15A @ 125v = 1875w. The math checks out.

Other specs: 500v transient on the Line-Neutral only. I’m guessing a single MOV and that’s it. It’s better than nothing, but don’t compare it to a $30 surge protector. FWIW, circuit breakers are there for wiring. Since this isn’t on a cord, one isn’t necessary here.

Note: I’m not staff and not affiliated to the manufacturer in any way. I have purchased the Office+Style power strip offering here before, though, and it’s been fine. It’s listed (Intertek/Edison Testing Laboratories) to UL standards.