Office+Style Surge Protector (2 Pack)

Soooo I have to ask, does the transformer for the USB ports only turn on when a USB plug is inserted or are these full-time vampire taps?

The USB ports just like the reg sockets are passive and do not require or use electricity when nothing is plugged into them

I purchased these last time they were offered and they work great. I’d definitely get this brand again. I have one in our office so it’s pretty fully loaded and one near the TV to replace a long power strip. It’s helped to reduce the clutter.

Why are there no specs on the surge protector ? (Joules)

Edit: I found the specs (900 Joules). I must be blind this morning.

They work well, but they don’t fit flush to the wall when plugged in. The screw holds them into the socket, but they wiggle.

Don’t buy this for the USB ports. Read the reviews. They’re only 1A and like to die pretty early.

You may be referencing a different model, per the description: “It is equipped with two 2.1 AMP USB ports for charging electronics via USB cords such as phones and tablets.”

Very solid deal by the Woot gods. Something relatively inexpensive that I don’t need but tempting because I could use it and it costs about half what you’d expect to pay. Feels like I woke up and and must have dreamt the last 12 years because this is the Woot of yore.

If only the USB ports were 3.0, I think I would buy this.

Careful, when I ordered three of them (2packs) the knotheads sent them in three different packages…

I’m going to assume you mean usbC

Umm… no. A couple of C ports would be nice too, I guess, but I don’t have any devices that use them, yet.

I have tried to get these through connecting amazon but it goes back to woot every time.

USB 3.0 is a data transfer protocol. These are 2.1 Amp power-delivery-only plugs - that’s all you can use and data standard is irrelevant.

3.0 /= amps

Ohhhh, thank you. TIL something new!

Incorrect. It’s not just a transfer protocol, it’s a whole new port with more connections. There are devices that can charge faster over 3.0/3.1.

I hope today we’ve learned that we should always be skeptical and google things we hear online lol

Oooooh, I learned something today! :wink:

This is a good example why you should not try to correct someone you think is wrong on the internet. You should walk away. Unless you’re a professional :smiley:

from the article:

this entire article is talking about USB Data port standards. Wall chargers are much simpler and are not rated as data ports at all. 2.1 (used on this product to denote maximum amperage) is not a USB Data port standard. A 3.0 Data port is not going to charge your device faster than a 2.1 AMP power charger. A 2.1 Amp power charger is not certified with a USB Data standard because it is not a data port.