Office+Style Surge Protector (2 Pack)

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Office+Style Surge Protector (2 Pack)
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I am confused by the incorrect references to the reviews on Amazon. There are 345 reviews for the single-pack that somehow magically average to 4.5 stars, yet when you read them, there are a LOT of disgruntled owners (USB ports failing and not putting out 2.1A as advertised, mainly), and MANY of them seem to be written by the same person (“FIVE STARS” as the title, 2-3 words extolling the perfection of the devices).

This one smells very distinctly of garbage.

I purchased two of these units on April 4th from Woot.
Not impressed by the way unit sits on the wall plate. There is a fair amount of play.

I bought these last time they came up. The circuit kept popping on the gfci outlet in line with this one, as soon as I installed it. I removed it, and my outlets work fine. I think these are cheap.

Thanks for the comments, I was considering these as I could use this but not anymore.

Amperage ratings are rarely reliable, especially with USB.

Check out Fakespot on this item. It’s rates it an A. Reviews are from real customers, and we stand behind our product .

I got two sets of these recently from Woot. They are ok for the money. In order to be stable, the outlet’s face plate has to be removed, and the unit screwed into the outlet. That is a quick fix that I did not really mind. My complaints would be that (unlike the unit that this replaced) it only plugs into one of the wall plugs, rather than both of them. The second complaint is that the red and green lights are “on” nonstop, wasting energy during the day, and unnecessarily lighting my room at night.

LOL. You do realize that the subject defaults to the rating if you neglect to enter a subject, yes? There are also “One Star”, “Two Stars”, “Three Stars”, etc. Check any product.

Thanks, did not know that.

Still, when I see a distinct pattern of misspellings or similar, terse accolades, my radar goes up. I look for reviews with at least a full thought if not a sentence, and for products I have found to accurately reflect the reviews I see, the positive reviewers generally post a bit more of their thoughts than “great” or “as advertised”.

The negative reviews were pointedly about the USB ports ceasing to work or that the output was not equivalent to other devices they had used that truly delivered 2.1A (or at least more than 1A).

I saw the vendor comment that these reviews were valid, but for me, my gut feel from what was written was easily enough to dissuade me from partaking.

Do what you want, it’s your money not mine. No judgement.

yea they not well made

Wasting energy, really. They are LEDs you could run them non-stop for a year and it may cost you 5 cents.