Office+Style Surge Protector (2 Pack)

I am prone to surges. Will this help me?

It depends on what you are protecting from surge. If it’s light electronics, it should be fine. I would not use it on a PC, TV, or higher end electronics as the specs say that it is rated for 900 joules. If you want protection for a PC, home theater, etc., I would go 2000 joules minimum. Just my humble opinion. Also it is ETL rated. Tests to UL (who created the rating and standard) but it isn’t UL certified. I’m just picky like that.

Bought a set in mid March. One has already shorted out. Got pretty hot too.

Gonna pass on this one. The comments have scared me off…

Would be nice if I could test them to see if the comments here apply. Ordered mine on July 4th. They still show in my account as preparing for shipment! Almost three weeks now.

I purchased two a while back and I love them. It’s nice to finally have enough plugs and still be able to charge my electronics.

I’m sorry. I see you were refunded yesterday since it didn’t ship. :frowning:

The amazon reviews for this one are horrible, glad I saw them before purchasing. How can woot even have such a product.

I have had mine for a little over two months, one at my house and one at my parents.

Not sure if my parents are having issues with theirs (that I’ve heard anyway) but the two lamps that are plugged in to this and the half bath light that shares the same circuit all flicker occasionally at the same time. I disconnected this surge protector and used a regular six outlet adapter in its place and no issues.

I’ve been using one for about two months, now, and am very pleased. It’s over by the kitchen counter, so I can plug my rice cooker in and charge up my phone at the same time. One nice feature is that it comes with a long screw that you can use to secure it to the outlet (use it to replace the screw that secures the existing faceplate).