Office + Style Wall Adapter/Surge Prtctr

Thought about this, but then found the reviews on Amazon (search for the single unit, not the dual-pack) and lots of complaints about the USB ports ceasing to work after a few weeks, with no warranty recourse. And one incident that was a fire hazard. I value the safety of my house more than saving a few bucks on a charger.

Hello there. These surge protectors are ETL approved, which means that we take hazards very seriously. We believe that the review you are referring to was due to a faulty outlet.
All Office+Style items come with a full one year warranty.

Had to Google ETL listing.
It seems to be the same as a UL listing.

I suppose these work with the faceplate left on?


Are there two plugs or one on the back? No pix or mention Since nearly all homes have one socket on a duplex outlet “switched” a single plug makes this far less usable

According the the Amazon listing for single unit, there is one plug on the back:

Thank you for the research